Top Quality Panerai Luminor Due Replica Watches For Sale

The perfect replica Panerai Luminor Due is an interesting addition to the iconic Luminor, with its 38mm case providing a more elegant touch as compared to the chunky and masculine watches that Swiss made fake Panerai is often associated with.

As highlighted in Britt’s video, this is perhaps one of the first Panerai replica watches online that she fell in love with. It is not difficult to see why, as she remarked that this watch features all the signatures of the Luminor and encapsulated into a rather agreeable 38mm case. Her qualm was that with the reduced case size, somehow there was a compromise with the water resistance of the timepiece as well (at 30m depth rating). She likened this, with a tongue-in-cheek analogy, to people who wear fake glasses just to look smart.

While we do agree that Panerai replica for sale can do better here, we do not really see this as a huge dealbreaker. After all, its current water resistance level is good enough for most general users. Overall, the 1:1 fake Panerai Luminor Due is a great watch, and one that most collectors can finally wear on their wrist comfortably.