INTRODUCING: The UK Top AAA Fake Hublot Big Bang Unico Ledger is inspired by cryptocurrency

The future. It’s always here before you know it. And in an industry based on the anachronistic idea of the mechanical timepiece, Swiss watchmakers luxury replica Hublot UK have always looked forward. From their striking, sometimes polarising designs, their forays into the connected watch world with the Big Bang E, and their use of cutting-edge materials like ceramic, carbon fibre, man-made sapphire, and proprietary alloys, the future is set firmly in their sights. Since their beginnings in the ‘80s, their best quality fake watches have soundly rejected the more conservative designs of the past, creating their own language in the process. That design language may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but you gotta respect the sheer audacity, and Swiss made fake Hublot’s worldwide success is evidence that there are plenty of fans.

That audacity is on full display in their new partnership with crypto platform Ledger, resulting in the striking, limited-to-50 collab, the AAA fake Hublot Big Bang Unico Ledger. Who’s Ledger? They’re touted as the most secure crypto and digital asset platform in the world, with more than 4 million users. And according to many, cryptocurrency is the future. Fittingly, the new uk super clone Hublot Big Bang Unico Ledger features a raft of clever nods to this brave new world of commerce. Let’s explore some of the watch’s, um, assets (sorry).

The case shape will look instantly familiar to fans of the Hublot Big Bang replica for men, and the 42mm size should appeal to a wider range of wearers. The main case structure is black ceramic with a golden-hued bezel, and that bezel is the big story of this watch. You see, it’s crafted from a unique alloy known as Electrum, a stainless 50/50 gold and silver blend, which not-so-coincidentally was used in some of the earliest known coins from around 580 BC. It’s a rather pointed touch that cleverly mashes up one of the earliest currencies with the newest. The bezel also seems to have a bit of a lower side profile than other cheap copy Hublot Big Bangs, giving it a coin-like appearance. Along that coin edge, the Latin phrase “Vires in Numeris” is stamped six times, a tip of the hat to Bitcoin’s credo, translating to “strength in numbers”. This is just one of the ways old collides with new in this release.

Like much of the Swiss movement replica Hublot lineup, the bezel is secured with six titanium H-screws, blackened to pop against the gold of the bezel. The ceramic case retains the dramatic sculptural lines of the Big Bang range, with chrono pushers positioned at 2 and 4, and the “H-screw” inlaid crown at 3. An anti-reflective sapphire crystal protects the dial, where quite a bit of eye candy is on display. The blacked-out dial is skeletonised, as is the matching handset, for maximum stealth badassery. In a design hallmark of the brand, the indices “float” above the rest of the dial, and the date wheel is completely visible, with the current date indicated at 3, inset into the 60-minute chrono subdial. Speaking of the chronograph, it’s based on the in-house 43-jewel calibre HUB1280, an auto-winding flyback movement, which is also skeletonised to complement the dial. All that horological indulgence resides behind a sapphire caseback, engraved with the Ledger logo and the fifty-piece limited edition number. The entire affair is good for 100 metres of water resistance.

The matching ribbed black natural rubber strap is another brand hallmark, after all, best 1:1 fake Hublot were pioneers in fitting luxury fake watches for sale with rubber. The strap, of course, is suitably luxe, secured with a signed black ceramic and titanium deployant clasp.

Swiss movement replica Hublot has certainly proven to be one of the most forward-leaning watch brands since their beginnings in the go-go ‘80s, and they show no signs that they’re going to slow down. This latest collab with a leader in what many believe is the future of commerce is further evidence that they’re not afraid to go out on a limb. Frankly, this is objectively one of their most handsome offerings, and regardless of the underlying crypto cues, it’s just a flat-out baller super clone watch, destined to turn heads.